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Welcome to Ikigai Counselling

Hi, I'm Emmett (he/him/his) and I help young adults get unstuck, better cope with life's challenges, and forge a life based on their Ikigai. Being of Japanese descent, the concept of Ikigai stood out as a powerful reminder of my heritage and the impact I hope to have each day.

I'm passionate about growth and connection and especially curious about the components of a meaningful life. 

I have not always known what I wanted for my life. For many years I felt lost and struggled with intense anxiety and finding where I belonged. I often thought I was alone in this world and made decisions based on what I thought I “should” do rather than what felt right for me. Through my own lived experience, education, and training, I have uncovered my Ikigai and I hope to help you do the same.

Rock in Sand

(pronounced geeky guy, minus the first "g")

Originating from Japan, the concept of Ikigai means "a reason for being".

This word alludes to the importance of a meaningful purpose or direction in life, constituting a feeling of worthiness, with actions being taken to be aligned with one's own Ikigai. While being out of alignment or unclear with one's Ikigai can lead to feelings of anxiety, stuckness, frustration or overall dissatisfaction with life, finding it, through counselling or coaching, can help uncover the ingredients to living a joyful and fulfilling life. ​

- Emmett Satoshi Martyniuk

What is Ikigai?

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